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Release Notes 4-23-21

Posted on Apr 23, 2021 by Addison Reid


    In this release, we’ve focused on improving the customer experience by…

    • Adding a token to the intake message to identify incomplete packets
    • Allowing SR Intake users to resend intake packets from the intake report



    SR Intake: Added a patient-facing title for the Intake Invitation

    Intake users want the ability to customize the Intake message so that patients know the name of the packet they need to complete. Instead of creating multiple messages that need to be mapped to different packets, we’ve added a configurable field so that the practice can give the packet a patient-facing name. This allows patients to know exactly which packet they need to complete so that there is less confusion if the office has sent them more than one packet.

    Additionally, we have updated both the platform and SR Conversations intake request messages to be more consistent.

    What you need to know:

    • We've created a field on the packet creation/edit page called "Patient-facing Title" that will auto-populate into a packet token
    • This field has a 20 character limit
    • The Patient-facing Title field is auto-populated with "paperwork" for all active packets at the time of the release
    • The Patient-facing Title field is not auto-populated upon creation of a new packet
    • The Patient-facing Title field is required on all packets
    • A preview of the text message will auto-update with the patient-facing title entered
      • The patient-facing Title is bolded to stand out but is NOT bold in the text message
      • The preview reads, "Angela, please complete this [PATIENT-FACING TITLE] before arriving for your visit by clicking http://sr-intake-example.com/

    Screenshot of patient-facing title field during intake packet creation/edit

    • The intake email subject line will include the patient-facing title

    Screenshot of intake email subject line examples

    • The intake Email message reads:

    Screenshot of intake email request

    • The SR Conversations message reads: “$PATIENT_FIRSTNAME$, please complete this $PACKET$ before arriving for your visit by clicking [INTAKE_LINK]. $PRACTICE$"

    Screenshot of intake request template in SR Conversations

    • The Action List, Patient Profile, and Schedule message reads: “[Patient first name], please complete this [patient-facing title] before arriving for your visit by clicking [Intake link]. [practice] [phone number] [opt-out]”
    Screenshot of patient-facing text message with intake packet name
      • Note: When sent from the platform, phone and opt-out tokens are included. That is the only difference between the text messages.

    SR Intake: Download, View, and Resend Intake packet

    To make the Intake Quick View report more actionable, we added a couple more options to the status column. You can now resend intake packets that have not been completed, as well as download and/or preview completed forms. Adding the ability to resend the Intake packet allows the office to follow up with patients that haven't completed their Intake. Providing the preview allows the office to view forms without downloading any that may not be necessary to keep in their records.

    Additionally, we have removed the Completed Forms tab from SR Intake, since the Quick View report provides the same information and so much more.

    What you need to know:

    • We've emoved the 'Completed Forms' Tab from SR Intake
    • In the Status column
      • We've added the ability to resend the link by clicking the Resend button
        • The Resend button appears on each status that is not completed
        • The Resend button opens the intake modal where they can select the device/ send medium - same experience as resending from the Schedule or AL
        • If no valid devices are available the ‘Resend’ button will be disabled
      • When a packet is sent again, the status "resent at <date/time>” will show in the status column and the resend button will be hidden.
        • Once the page reloads, the report will reload in a new order sorted by the Last Message Sent Date and the 'Resend' button will be available again.
      • When sent by QR code and no valid device is available, we added a 'via QR Code' after status and hide the resend button
    • We've added a download icon next to the completed status
    • Provided a preview icon which, when clicked, displays a preview of the PDF packet opens in a new tab

    SR Intake screenshot of Quick View home page

    SR Intake

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