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Release Notes 7-9-21

Posted on Jul 09, 2021 by Addison Reid


    In this release, we’ve focused on improving the customer experience by…

    • Allowing customers to upload their own birthday images
    • Providing an up-to-date Check-up Report
    • Updating the CareCredit button in group messages
    • Improving the UX on the Internal Feedback tab



    Platform: Allow customers to upload their own birthday images

    Customers can now upload images for birthday messages without having to contact our support team to help them. This is great because it empowers our customers with more access to the platform while reducing calls to support.

    What you need to know:

    • Customers can upload multiple images
    • Images uploaded in appAdmin will display in the account birthday images list, and vice versa 
    • Because of file structure limitations on how random images are currently selected compared to how they will be selected with this new design, the existing random selection behavior will persist until subscribers go into Delivery Settings -> Email Design Layout -> Birthdays -> Edit and specifically select a list of images to use. (i.e. random images will only be chosen from images previously uploaded the old way until action is taken within the platform using the new method.)
      • As a result, when customers first visit the birthday images page, if they previously selected the "Custom" option, they will see the banner warning them that no image is selected, prompting them to create a new random images list.
    • UI bug fix: long image filenames caused odd formatting in the upload window. This has been fixed so that the container around the uploaded image name expands vertically to contain longer names.
    • Image type bug fix: the image selection window used to allow any file type to be initially selected but would then fail if the file type could not be used. A restriction has been added to only allow the following image types: .bmp, .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif.
    • As with Reminder images, Birthday images uploaded through the platform, will resize to a max-width of 600px, retaining the original height/width ratio (images uploaded the old way were not resized)

    birthday images add plus button



    Platform: Remove old products from the Check-up Report and update titles

    The Check-Up Report contained some outdated features, products, and naming conventions that needed to be updated to show information that is more relevant and useful to our customers.


    • PatientReach Tablet
    • PatientReach Mobile
    • PatientReach Portal
    • Healthgrades
    • Social Networking


    • "Smart Reviews" to "SR Smart Reviews"
    • "Reviews" to "Microsite Reviews"

    updated check up report before and after

    Platform: Update the CareCredit token button image in group messages

    The CareCredit token button image in group messages has been updated with a modern button that was provided by CareCredit.

    CareCredit token button before and after

    SR Smart Reviews: Internal Feedback Review UX

    With the recent update of the Internal feedback page, there were a couple of UX improvements needed.

    What you need to know:

    • When long reviews are left via the Internal feedback option, the text will now wrap instead of extending off the page
    • Reviews will always appear instead of only when sorted
    • Special characters will always render


    before image of SR Smart Reviews internal feedback text not wrapping


    after image of smart reviews internal feedback text wrapping correctly

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