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SR Smart Reviews

Posted on Oct 23, 2017 by Jeff Larsen

    SR Smart Reviews is here!

    SR Smart Reviews lets you use your strongest patient relationships to start building new ones. About 80 percent of prospective patients are using online reviews to choose a new provider. With SR Smart Reviews, every member of your practice staff can build connections with your existing patients and encourage them to leave reviews for your practice.



    What makes SR Smart Reviews so great?

    Reviews in the Right Places

    Positive reviews are great in boosting your search engine ranking and helping prospective patients find your practice online. SR Smart Reviews drives your patients to Google, Yelp, and Facebook so you get reviews across the board. And since most of your patients will already be signed into these platforms on their phones, a clickable link in a text message will take them right to the page to leave a review.


    Patient Convenience

    With SR Smart Reviews, anyone in your practice can send a text with a clickable link to leave a review—so your patients can see the text and follow the link before they even leave your office.


    Net Promoter Score

    SR Smart reviews captures the NPS score for each patient. TheNPS is a one-question survey that asks patients how likely they are to recommend your practice to someone else. The results of this survey are a great way to help you get a snap-shot of your overall patient satisfaction. You can see which patients are willing to sing your praises, and which ones need a little extra TLC.


    Intelligent Guidance

    This is just our fancy way of saying that Solutionreach has analyzed billions of patient-provider interactions and developed an algorithm that makes it easy for you to determine which patients are most likely to leave a positive review.


    Whole Team Involvement

    It doesn’t have to be up to your front office staff to ask for reviews anymore—anyone on your team can invite your patients to leave a review at any point during their visit. And since SR Smart Reviews integrates with your patient database, nobody has to waste time manually entering in contact information. It’s all right there in the platform.


    Click here to learn more about SR Smart Reviews.
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    Jeff Larsen

    Jeff Larsen

    Jeff Larsen is the product marketing manager at Solutionreach

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