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Say Hello to SR Huddle

Posted on Mar 06, 2018 by Nicole Grosskopf

    How many times have you had important information to share with your coworkers but there was no easy way of doing that within your practice? Can members of your staff easily communicate with each other within the practice? Easier said than done, right?

    Introducing,  SR Huddle Logo

    SR Huddle is a new feature of SR Conversations that promotes collaboration, coordination, and communication between members of your staff. You'll be able to boost teamwork and enhance the effectiveness of your practice. 

    This new tool is integrated into SR Conversations. So, if you have conversations, SR Huddle will be added at no extra charge.

    What can you do with SR Huddle?

    • Improve communication
      • Send and receive patient updates within the Huddle room or through direct messages to your team members
      • Discuss issues as they arise for a quicker turnaround
      • Get notified when a team member tags you in a conversation
    • Boost team coordination
      • Make sure staff members are aware of any changes in the schedule
      • Stay in continuous contact within the Huddle room
      • Provide feedback individually to any staff member
    • Enhance collaboration
      • Collaborate on ideas and find the best solution to a problem
      • Tag team members in a conversation to get their input and attention on a certain topic
      • Share photos in the team chats

    For more information on SR Huddle, click here

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